Couverte is a company formed out of necessity in NYC.  Myself, the manager of a fashion production company, and my husband, an artist, have been making PPE for local hospitals when we decided to create non-medical versions available for everyone.  We wanted to produce masks and other accessories that are not just basic and throwaway like so many we've seen, but ones that we would actually want to wear ourselves.  Our masks are well designed and comfortable, and are made locally in NYC.   Couverte masks come in two signature styles; the CM001and the CM002 .   Each is washable and reusable.  Couvert masks are not medical grade, but with a new focus on personal hygiene and keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe from risk, we want to offer a unique, chic, and environmentally conscious alternative to mass produced, throwaway masks. The best part is that we will be directing 20% of our profits to the Global Giving Corona Virus Relief Fund.
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